Serving the Global Empire

This morning I am reading a letter from the minister to the emperor. The letter said that we, the colonial servants, have some problems in serving the empire. That we are not giving up enough. That we are still bound to our traditions and that is creating a problem.

The minister has thoroughly studied, employing his people in our area to conduct the research and has successfully identified the problems here. From his letter the emperor now knows where he needs to focus on to take control of the situation here. The Minister has also advised strategies, and the strategies have been declared in open book, knowing that my country people are too simple minded to take a hint.

In the letter it said that we people here are wary of debts, the reason why we are not buying enough. If we purchased more, the emperor could add to his account more, but we are not doing that! We are only buying our needs! While the emperor introduced magic cards with which to buy on whim any time , and also the fact that people tend to buy more on whim than out of necessity, we are not using the cards well enough here in fear of debts. And that is not good for the emperor’s economy. It said that the emperor needs to find out a way to get us rid of our fear of debts. Debts is of course none of the emperor’s headache, we will have to pay them any ways, but not purchasing in debt is the main problem here. Let debt be inspired – this must be the slogan for us now, if the emperor decides.

The letter also said that we are still buying local good from local people via our traditional channels. It is hard for the emperor’s foreign good to get into these channels. Thus our hard earned money could not be flowed into the emperor’s pocket as smoothly as it was planned.

The letter also added that that the emperor however has succeeded in reaching individual markets to each of our grasp. We now carry a market along with us where the emperor can sell any time, without having us to visit the markets at all. These individual markets were introduced to us as a means of communications between us and our near ones. Little did we know that the platforms were actually created to make a communication between us, consumers and the sellers, and also strategists who could convince us to change our behaviors and build up shopping habits to well suit the emperor.

Reading the letter, my reverence for the emperor and his strategists multiplied. I learnt what my master wants from each of us individuals serving colonialism. I learnt that  I am a servant to the emperor’s wishes, that I must start using the magic card (credit cards), get rid of my fear of debts, search for other means of good instead of locals, make full use of the market introduce in my grasp (smartphones and social medias), apply them more into my daily life and work hard to earn more, so that I can spend more in ways that the empire wants me to spend in, and have a contribution to the emperor’s economy. After all, who am I but a human being of 100 billion neurons and a compliant servant of his highness – Capitalism (21st century version) .

The letter is inspired from reading the Boston Consultancy Groups’ report on Bangladesh titles as “The Surging Consumer Market Nobody Saw Coming” which beautifully revealed Bangladesh’s strongest and weakest points and suggested in which direction strategies should follow in order to make business in this country.

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