Scaling Down

I measure people on a scale. The scale measures the distances they are at from me. The scale helps me with translations now and then. When I try to get at a steady state of mind in the middle of painful misinterpretations, I tell myself – people varies on a scale.

It may not be hundred percent true but it helps me keep my peace, which is true to some extent.

Here is one demonstration – when I make a statement and someone out loud thinks that it silly, I look at the scale instead of looking at the person. If the person is one unit away, he or she would see me as – just being myself. A few units more- being too honest. A few more- being silly. A few few more – acting weird. A few few few more– meaning harm, or offense. A lot of few more, , or a lot more – I get either very stupid or very clever.

So this is how I do it – I measure people on scales and help myself think- nobody really knows you ever, and that, it doesn’t matter.

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