on the essence of Spiritual Poetry

Poetry formed by souls involved in spiritual practices such as the followers of Sufism, Vedanta, Taoism are more about the divine reality of existence than about wordings or structures of the language.

These contemplative poets explore such depth of reality  that they are able to distill the core truth out of what escapes our ordinary vision. Their poems often sound too simple, saying such simple things that they almost make no sense to the minds cluttered in uncontrolled thought patterns infused by surroundings.

 In the usual literary practices that we are familiar with, one needs to learn to have a refined taste of the senses and an extended ability in thinking. In the spiritual literary practice, however, in order to fully grasp what has been communicated, one actually needs to transform oneself to be able to realize what has been conveyed. In such a platform, even if a clever sharp brain dissects the words and syllables, still may not reach to the meaning with ladder of logic.

It takes more than a just a mind to receive the essence of spiritual poetry, it takes a heart, or perhaps, a lifetime to understand, as it takes the poet a lifetime to become the poetry itself. May be it is all a simple equation after all – life demands life, hearts demand hearts.

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