broken mirrors

There is a reason why people want perfection from others – it is only when they are very much imperfect to their own selves that they think perfection is important, and that it must be somewhere out there in a sibling, spouse, child or a friend.
            Anyone perfect to their own selves would not desire it from others. Then there are so many people we find demanding perfection from us – parents, lovers, friends. We hate to think of the impossible expectations they put upon us. It shatters us that they cannot seem to love us as we are, and would rather have us be someone else.
                   We hold grudge against these people. We hate the fact that their love can be so weak and incomplete. We start believing that it was never us but an illusory being they fell in love with. But to think about it, just imagine how shattered these people must be to their own selves. Imagine what a distorted self image they must be carrying around their head that they find themselves so incomplete without perfection and pleading us to feed them with  perfection instead.

At some point, I did realize I demanded perfections too, only because of the imperfection that existed within my own self. And I could finally forgive loved ones for demanding perfection from me. People remind me of broken mirrors.

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