Mazduda Hasan

Mazduda Hassan is a poet and short story writer from Dhaka who has been publishing her poetry in social networks under the pseudonym Bokulful. Her works have appeared in Daily Observer, Monsoonletter anthology of the Write Foundation, *82 Reviews and several other places.

In her city Dhaka she has started out a literary movement “Dhakarful” where poets, writers, and artists leave small notes with quotes, lines or sketches inside books in a coffee shop or libraries for random strangers to find. Her Dhakarful movement has also taken the initiative to post poetry and artworks in place of advertisements in the streets of Dhaka.

Apart from literary works, she has worked as a content planner and writer for Sheba.xyz and is currently working as a content consultant for a startup company in Dhaka and a contributor at the WISE publishing group, Seattle, USA.

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