On a bright-sunny-ordinary day in Dhaka, 2018

A man not-so-in-love claims to be irrevocably in love.

A man in love, absorbing all the pain alone from his love so that no pain from it reaches to his lover, claims not to be in love.

A depressed man says he is not depressed and cannot find a reason why he is still in love with someone who does not love him back.

A woman, madly in love with the man, who is now someone else’s, is still in love;  but argues that love is not painful, while being in constant pain throughout the year.

A woman changing her mind, choosing whom to love, whom she had loved, and jumping on to the next guy, thinking again, it is love this time.

A woman, finds a handsome rich man, and confesses her love to everyone while taking him to bed. The man follows her to bed for just a plain fuck.

A woman in love with past version of the lover is full of hatred with the present version of him, who is now her husband.

A woman, married to a man who never loved her, thinks this is it, love does not exist.

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